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Tradeline was established in 2001 by the current owner Stephen Jervis as a traditional window cleaning company. We grew very rapidly mainly by recommendation. Our customers were always very impressed by the amount of time spent not only cleaning the glass but the window frames, doors and all associated woodwork. We also quickly realised that there was demand for gutter clearance and the cleaning of facia boards and conservatory roofs and provide this service as an extra to our regular cleaning.

In 2002 we purchased our first carpet cleaning machine a Prochem Steam pro machine. We still have this machine and it functions as well as ever. Effective carpet cleaning is achieved by experienced and well trained operators using good quality cleaning products. We have always used the Prochem range of products and trust them completely.

Over the years our customer base has grown steadily with very little advertising. We very rarely loose a customer unless they move house.

In 2007 we started our pest control service. Our window cleaners were very well suited to dealing with wasp nests which usually are found in roof spaces. Pigeons are another common problem in this area and our expertise with ladders makes the fitting of pigeon spikes to high ledges no problem for us. We also deal with rodents including squirrels which invariably are found in lofts and places many of our customers would have difficulty accessing.

In 2009 we invested in a pure water pole system for cleaning windows. This was mainly so that we could reduce the risk to our employees working at heights. The system works very well however many of our customers expressed the view that they preferred to see their windows being cleaned the old fashioned way. We therefore normally only clean a few very high domestic windows this way. Without a doubt this method is very well suited to cleaning large buildings where old fashioned hand cleaning would be unsafe and too expensive.

Our aims for the future are to expand the pest control side of the business and look for bigger window cleaning contracts using the pure water cleaning method. We will never abandon our small domestic clients who have provided the foundations of our business and whose recommendations have always lead us to more lucrative jobs.

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